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Autochthone Rückenmuskulatur, Multifidi

Guide to self-healing

​The skeleton is optimally aligned and then fixed in the deep muscles. What does this mean for the back? The spine is deliberately stretched between the pelvic floor musculature and the highest point on the head; we call it “crown”. This provides more space between the vertebrae and the spinal discs are elongated. Pelvis and thorax are optimally straightened up and aligned with regard to the spine. The pelvic floor muscles are interconnected with the lower back, the hip muscles, the stomach and the thighs. The pelvis and the joints “learn” the vivatomically correct posture and movement. The new back-friendly stretching is trained until it becomes second nature and turns into a new habit.

CANTIENICA® back training works consistently from the inside to the outside. The so-called autochthonous musculature, a network of over 200 small muscles braced in all directions, is deliberately aligned, strengthened and made supple. This allows it to fulfil its important task of protecting the spine.

Each exercise is structured with therapeutic precision. The small movements for strengthening the muscles are safe and gentle and three-dimensional at all times. The optimal alignment relieves the burden on the joints; the three-dimensional mobilisation makes them supple and allows you to move without pain again, even if you suffer serious arthrosis.

Many exercises can be performed discreetly and easily as part of the everyday routine – in bed in the morning, at the breakfast table, at the office, during driving, while walking or standing, while cleaning your teeth or vacuuming the floor, playing golf or dancing – anywhere, in other words. This anchors the new posture rapidly and sustainably. You can practice your favourite sport more safely, your strong back musculature will stabilise and invigorate you from toe to head.

CANTIENICA® back training can be finely adapted to suit anyone’s body. The anatomic precision protects the vertebral bodies, the filigree structure of the pelvis and the joints. CANTIENICA® back training classes are deliberately kept small to allow the qualified instructor to cater for your individual needs. Each exercise is adapted to suit your physical abilities and possibilities.


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