What is CANTIENICA body in evolution?

A film about 20 years of body research and body evolution

Principles of the CANTIENICA training

The pelvis is the foundation for a relaxed upright posture and a healthy spine. The CANTIENICA® method gives it the ideal alignment, mobilises it and interconnects it with the entire pelvic musculature. The precise execution of selected tried-and-tested exercises is crucial here.

Bone intelligence

With an upright pelvis and balanced leg axes, the spine is stretched with the help of the autochthonous back musculature. This consists of more than 200 muscles which protect your spine like a casing and interconnect it with the surrounding muscles.​

Stability from foot to head

When all bones have been straightened up and aligned and put into an ideal position, micromovements target the deep muscles. This procedure replaces old posture patterns by new ones and sustainably prevents friction in the joints. As a result, fascias and ligaments become supple, elastic and quick to react.

Strength from the centre

"Vivatomy" is the opposite of "anatomy". This “tomy” is derived from the living human being. It “dissects” the living, dynamic, healthy person with all senses and develops an ideal-typical model of the upright, healthy human being who is left unaffected by gravity and old age...


The skeleton is optimally aligned and then held in place by the deep muscles. For the back, this means that the spine is deliberately stretched between the pelvic floor musculature and the highest point on the head...

Guide to self-healing

Applications of the CANTIENICA method


The method is suitable for persons of all ages. You determine speed and rhythm yourself. Beginners and advanced learners, men and women train in small individually supervised groups. The method soon provides visible, tangible, measurable results as well as more strength, suppleness and vitality. You learn to trust in your body intelligence and gain charisma and self-confidence – regardless of age, size and weight. The correct “vivatomic” use of your body gives you a feeling of economic movement, coordination and beauty.

The list of complaints which can be prevented, alleviated or repaired by regular training according to the CANTIENICA® method is long:

  • Incorrect postures of all kinds: scoliosis, hollow back, hunched back, pelvic misalignment, bandy legs, knock knees

  • Consequences of incorrect posture and muscle weakness: arthrosis, osteoporosis, joint complaints, muscular tension, pains

  • Organ descents, prolapses, abdominal pains, slackening of the pelvic floor musculature

  • Incontinence (bladder, bowel), haemorrhoids, enlarged prostate

  • Foot deformations, Hallux valgus

  • From headaches and migraine to depression


Discover the genius in your body.

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