Project Air says, “Thank you, Cantienica!!” and “Thank you, Cantienca’s wonderful customers!!!

To everyone who so generously contributed to Cantienca’s lovely collection for Christmas this year, Project Air would like to express its heartfelt appreciation. Your enormously kind gift has already given two-fold, since it not only helps Project Air provide much-needed services to the HIV-positive women and children we work with, but it reminds them that they are remembered by the world.

These are children like the Inyange girls below, who are part of a 500-strong group of orphans that Project Air serves. The Inyange girls had a great time working with Benita Cantieni – the wonderful brain behind the CANTIENICA®-Method – and Fred-Marc Gmür during their recent and hugely successful visit to Rwanda last June.

Like everyone else at Project Air, the Inyange girls would like Benita and Fred-Marc – and all of contributing customers of CANTIENICA®-Studio Zurich/Switzerland – to know how surprised and thrilled they are by this wonderful gift.

The girls would also like everyone to know that – among the things that can be achieved by a donation like this one – is the unquantifiable hope and the big smiles that can only come from very real – and powerfully healing – happiness. 🙂 🙂

Deirdre Summerbell

Kigali/Rwanda, December 1st, 2014

More information about Project Air, Rwanda:

More information in English about CANTIENICA® and the Method:

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