CANTIENICA® body in evolution

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CANTIENICA® body in evolution is an intelligent form of fitness and the optimum training for anyone wishing to increase their muscle mass and also gain more elasticity, a good posture and more charisma.

The CANTIENICA® method gives you visible results as well as tangibly more strength, suppleness and vitality – and it does so more rapidly than any other method of training.

This unique training method uses attentive self-perception to prevent, alleviate or improve incorrect postures and their consequences. CANTIENICA® body in evolution is an integral approach which more and more therapists are now recommending to their clients.

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The six-week remote learning course is perfect for beginners who do not have a CANTIENICA® trainer close by. Benita Cantieni uses videos to explain how the method works. The presenter Andrea Alf will motivate you throughout the entire program. The course contains 5 x 7 exercises for beginners as well as extensive body knowledge and shows you how to achieve 100 years of physical well-being.


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8008 Zurich

​T: +41 44 388 72 72 



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